Announcing-Evoke Creative Workshops! Uncategorized Guys, I did a thing... I went out on a limb and decided to form another business entity.  I truly do think I have a bit of Entrepreneur A.D.D.  Whether that is a good thing or bad... it is a thing for... READ MORE The Loft Studio 5 Year Anniversary! studio We are coming up on our FIVE YEAR anniversary at the Loft Studio!  Can you believe it?!  So many wonderful experiences, awesome renters, LOTS of photo shoots, workshops that we've seen splattered all ... READ MORE Brooke and Hunter Engagements Uncategorized READ MORE Pillow fight session in the Loft. engagements Laid-back, loft session with a pillow fight= my dream session.  Enjoy.   READ MORE Mallory and Aaron Wedding. Millcreek Inn Uncategorized READ MORE Ballet-inspired bridal beauty Uncategorized Once in a while, a photographer needs to create something for herself.  So she collaborates with some of the most inspiring, creative vendors available and beautiful magic happens.  Once upon a time, ... READ MORE Artistic Bridal Shoot. bridal This was one FUN shoot.  I've learned my lesson.  When you think you don't have time to pull together a personal project, DO IT ANYWAY.  I'd personally like a few months of planning it to perfection..... READ MORE Sara and Cole. Engaged. engagements Oh Sara and Cole, I am smitten with your engagement session!   READ MORE Gabby and Nathan. Engaged. couples READ MORE Corina and Chris bridal Just a peek at the loveliness that went on today... congrats Corina and Chris... READ MORE