Artistic Bridal Shoot.

November 16, 2014

This was one FUN shoot.  I’ve learned my lesson.  When you think you don’t have time to pull together a personal project, DO IT ANYWAY.  I’d personally like a few months of planning it to perfection… but this never happens!  You think you have too much to do, that you simply can’t find a reason why you should add one more thing to your plate when you are already drowning in work.  But, somehow you find the time and do it.  Why?  Because it is such a creative outlet for me.  To work with amazing vendors in the industry that combine their talents in a way that really can’t fail, even if your planning time was about a week and a half and your head is spinning with ideas but you also have a million other things to accomplish that week.  Somehow it all works out!  The non-essentials fall to the wayside and the true art remains, ready to be captured.  I cannot say thank you enough the vendors listed below!  Let’s do this again.  And even if we only have a few days of planning, let’s trust that it will all work out because… it always does!

It’s hard to explain some artistic concepts that flow through my brain.  I’ll give it a shot.  Maybe it will sound odd, or maybe it will make complete sense to you.  Either way, I hope you enjoy these images.  They have my heart.

One night, I saw in my mind a bridal portrait.  A large frame.  A romantic, classic bride in an amazing dress framed by this golden frame to be a piece of art.  Yet, she was real.  She looked as if she was a painting from an era gone by.  Yet, it became evident that she was a real modern bride as she moved away from the frame and became a part of her surroundings.  She is art.  She is real.  She is real art.  She is beauty that stands the test of time.

Dress: Alta Modal Bridal, Claire Pettibone

Hair and Makeup:  Cali Stott Artistry

Florals:  Lizy’s Lillies

Frame:  Refined Vintage Rentals

Model: Alyssa Newman


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